AVetSM analyses semen samples from all animal species.

Analysis may be performed on fresh chilled, frozen or preserved samples.

Prior arrangements must be made for fresh and frozen samples to facilitate sample delivery.

Preserved samples need to be collected in 10% phosphate buffered formal saline. A minimum of 1ml volume is required. Screw-lid vials may be ordered on line- see our online shop 

Ensure correct semen dilution, by adding sufficient semen to formal saline for a visible color change from clear to cloudy to occur. Dilute thick creamy concentrated semen by the addition of approximately 2 drops to 1ml. Milky semen add 3 drops. Watery semen add 5 drops.

Ensure that vials are placed in snap lock bag without absorbable materials. Package in bubble wrap and Express Post to : AVetSM PO Box 1873 Broome WA 6725

Include paper work outside snap lock bag or email your own spreadsheet or  AVetSM submission form or Bull Reporter form to

The submission of Testing Material constitutes an acceptance of AVetSM terms and conditions.

For overseas clients, please contact AVetSM for packaging instructions.

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