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iSperm is a breakthrough in animal semen analysis. A smart device from Aidmics Biotechnology Co Ltd

which uses an iPad mini 5 to assess semen concentration and sperm motility. It records and stores labelled and dated measurement data, 5MP photos and 30sec 1080p HD video of sperm movement. Optical magnification is equivalent to 300 x with touch screen zoom.

iSperm is lightweight and portable and comes with a sleeve warmer to maintain sample at 37C.

iSperm concentration and motility accuracy has been demonstrated to correlate closely with Ceros II CASA.

iSperm software is available for bulls, stallions, boars, rams and dogs. 

iSperm is available from AVetSM. Call Tracy  or email for more details, price list or to arrange a demo. iSperm demonstrations at ACV conference 2021.

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